Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Feeling Sick

Sometimes getting sick can be a good thing, I think. Especially when you need to slow down like I do.

After four days of feeling progressively worse, I came to the conclusion that this? this was not allergies. I have a really bad cold. The kind where it feels like a heavy ball is rolling around in your head, and you can feel your coughs deep in your chest. The kind where your roommates laugh at you because you're so congested that you're not talking normal and your face looks swollen. That kind.

So here I lay in my comfy queen bed (so glad I upgraded during the move) trying to rest and hoping I'll be 100% before the big weekend.

I've just finished "27 Dresses", a strawnanaberry smoothie with an immuniboost, and I think the Dayquil is a working a bit, just a bit.

If I could wish for anything - and I know maybe you're supposed to keep wishes for birthdays, but whatever - I wish my mom was here to make me a really delicious home-cooked meal. I really don't feel like cereal tonight. I would even be very happy if a roommate whipped up some Kraft mac n cheese, especially if they put peas in it.

I think I'll go watch another movie and hope to fall asleep.

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boodut said...

Have you seen The Proposal? I recommend it.