Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blacksburg, Here I Come

Off I go to Blacksburg, Virginia tomorrow! As with any other football game, I'm very excited.


Wish the Huskers luck against Virginia Tech! I hate to say this, but we'll need it.

Have a great weekend!


my life is brilliant said...

That picture is so cute! I love getting pumped up for college football!!!

Traveler said...

I like the Huskers...but Go Hokies! Got a little good-natured grief today in Omaha about my VT shirt. Check out memorial in front of Burruss Hall Administration Bldg if you have time and Mountain Lake has a little added significance with the passing of Patrick Swayze.

MOM said...

Well Laura I think we did very well against the Hokies. It ended sadly for us but on any given day it could have gone the other way. We seem to be closely matched teams. I'd rather lose by one point than 20, then again, I'd rather win!

Katherine said...

awww cute pic! GO BIG RED!