Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pub Food

I love football Saturdays at the Pub. Nebraska fans fill every room, and the game is played on every television.


Everyone purchases their raffle tickets in hopes of taking home a Nebraska cheerleader Barbie, an autographed football, a hat . . or something completely ridiculous. {My friend once won an embroidered Nebraska pin.}


I'm glad I found this place three years ago, and I'm even more thankful I've made some wonderful friends here.

This year, much to my delight, the Pub has tried their hand at a Nebraska favorite, the Runza. And they've come very close to the real thing! For those of you not from Nebraska, a "Runza" is a yeast dough (bread pocket) filled with beef, cabbage, onions, and seasonings. Served at Runza fast food restaurants {although it tastes nothing like fast food}, these overstuffed sandwiches are also sold at Memorial Stadium during football season. They are dee-licious!



Football Saturdays just got even better!


my life is brilliant said...

That's so cool! I wish they had something like that here. I need to find some fellow Sooners!

Anonymous said...

Seems very similar to a pastie, up in Northern Michigan. My football team (UW) actually won a game - big news here :)