Monday, September 14, 2009

More Charleston


After lunch, we walked down to the water and enjoyed the view. Many photos were taken in front of the pineapple fountain!


Meet my roommate, Rae. She loves baked goods just as much as I do, so we were both thrilled when we came across Baked, a well-known bakery first started in Brooklyn. We were so excited, in fact, that we spent nearly $15 on baked goods to be eaten later. With lots and lots of milk.


We both decided it was $15 well-spent, although the treats were so rich that we only had a few bites of each. What you see in this picture is not only some yummy cupcakes and a deep dark brownie, but also a granola marshmallow bar, a grasshopper bar with creme de menthe center and minty chocolate ganache, and a rich chocolate cloud cookie.

While strolling the downtown streets, we made our way through the four-building City Market, which has apparently been going strong for over 200 years. My favorite item being sold is still the sweet grass baskets. I only wish I could justify purchasing one!



We did not leave Charleston without spending several hours at the beach and ending our evening with an al fresco dinner.




Charleston, you're still one of my favorites.


my life is brilliant said...

So pretty! I NEED to see that pineapple fountain. I LOVE pineapples!

Guess I'll add Charleston to my must-visit list!

pinksundrops said...

Seriously, going on a trip with you is on my list of things to do SOON. I love all your pictures and the way you see cities. We would have such a blast together!!