Tuesday, September 22, 2009



I was pumped for Game Day in Blacksburg. Driving down with a VT alum, I naturally forced him to listen to a few Nebraska pump-up songs, and he of course returned the favor, "Enter Sandman" blaring from the car as we drove through the beautiful campus upon arrival.

I met up with my Nebraska crew, and we joined a VT tailgate in the lot nearest the stadium.


I came prepared, ready to break in my new Nebraska koozie, as I munched on the many tailgate goodies.


During a trip to the port-a-potties {ugh, I always hate that part}, I approached a young boy and asked if I could take a picture with his finger . . his foam finger, that is.


The "Dome of Terror" was awaiting us, and I was anxious to see if the rumors about stadium volume were true. Was it really the 2nd loudest stadium in college football? I was about to find out.


And so were many others . .


I wasn't ready to find my seat until taking my VT friend's advice {and money} to grab a turkey leg, the traditional Hokie stadium food.


He was right about the tastiness. But I'd still take a Runza or a slice of Valentino's pizza over a turkey leg.


Our seats gave us a great view of the stadium, as well as the mountains beyond. And I was quickly learning that the noise level . . it was insane.



I was also learning that you don't jump up and down with a cup full of soda. Your neighbors don't appreciate it!


They do however appreciate the kettle corn you provide as a peace offering. Kettle corn can change the world.

So can cookies. This granny was kind enough to bring plenty to share with other fans. How cute is that?


We needed those cookies after witnessing the lucky touchdown that doomed us to a big fat L. Heartbreaking to say the least. But the fans, who had already been so kind all day, were quick to admit that they didn't deserve to win. As gracious as it was, it almost made the loss more painful.

But rather than wallow in our sadness, we headed out to Main Street for a fun night on the little town. Our favorite spot {at the top of some stairs} allowed us to meet several interesting folks and kept us entertained well into the evening.


We arose the next morning to drive through more gorgeous Virginia countryside for a surprisingly delicious brunch at Mountain Lake. Well, I prefer to call it Kellermans. Recognize it?


"Dirty Dancing" was filmed here!

And ohmygosh, there is Johnny's cabin!


And the gazebo where Baby and her dad had "the talk".


We were happy the fog had lifted in time for us to snap a few pictures after brunch, however the lake all but dried up several years ago. Hopefully the water will continue to rise back to its previous level.


A picture of a covered bridge and one more drive through campus, and we were on the road back to the District.


I do hope to visit Blacksburg again soon. The fans were incredible, the campus pretty, the town fun, and the drive to and from was gorgeous.


my life is brilliant said...

I DIDN'T KNOW DIRTY DANCING WAS FILMED IN VIRGINIA!!! I have officially added that to my to-do list!

Heather and I did the Steel Magnolias thing in Louisiana, and it was amazing!

Love the cookie lady. How sweet! Kudos for your peace offering. I'd find it pretty hard to stay mad at someone for spilling a little beer on me (hey, it's a football game! It happens!) if they gave me kettle corn. :)

Erin said...

How much do I love this post?! I also didn't have any idea that Dirty Dancing was filmed in Virginia. I always assumed they really were in the Berkshires. I absolutely am adding this to my "to visit" list. It helps that my boyfriend is a Virginia Tech alum - maybe we can wrap all the sights into one neat little package.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun in Hokieland! It's a pretty cool venue, despite the team. :) Sorry your Huskers didn't get the W, but it sounds like you had a blast anyway!

And I didn't know Dirty Dancing was filmed in VA either!!!

Hänni said...

As a Hokie alum, I have to say THANK YOU for such a gorgeous and gracious post!

Traveler said...

Fantastic pictures. Glad you made it to Mountain Lake. Mountainlakehotel.com has a section about their Dirty Dancing weekends. I'm sad nobody caught this VT alum's posts about the filming of Dirty Dancing but glad you had a great time, except for the final score.

Mom said...

I am impressed with VT fans yours is the second comment about how kind and gracious they are. Your brother talked to someone who had gone and came away saying the same thing.

Cady said...

I didn't know Dirty Dancing was filmed there either! That's definitely going on our "to-visit" list as well. :)