Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Corner of my Room

Moving is quite expensive! I didn't anticipate the expenses that would arise despite the fact that I seemed to already have everything before the move!

But a shower curtain here, new hangers there, and a few joint expenditures with the roomies, and my bank account is suddenly emptier than anticipated.

The grand plans for my very own bedroom (after sharing one for 3 years) have been put on hold for the time being, and I've decided to make due with what I have for awhile. This will give me time to do a little more daydreaming before decorating and allow me to save my spending money for the two trips I'll be taking this month: Atlanta/Charleston and Blacksburg, Virginia.

I'm learning that making it work with what you have isn't all that painful. No, my room doesn't yet have a color scheme, but it's full of collected things that make me happy.

For example, I finally painted the little bookcase I picked up from Miss Pixie's two years ago. It's previous owners had left it half green/half maroon for some strange reason, and I was previously undecided on a color myself, {on top of being too lazy to paint it}.

Last week I gave it two coats of black semi-gloss and asked a friend to do her best to color coordinate my books when she offered to help me organize. I really like the results!

painted bookcase

For now, it is topped with a lovely mirror I picked up at The Lucketts Store during a "design adventure" with The Girl and In The Tweeds back in May. My sweet sister sent me the beautiful card for my birthday, so a favorite picture of us is placed there, as well. Two pretty wrapping papers from The Papery have nowhere else to go - plus I love looking at that butterfly print! - and my Nebraska cheerleader Barbie and a photo album are stored on the other side.

It's temporary, but it's everything I love, and that should tide me over for a bit.


Traveler said...

You're going to the VT-Nebraska football game? If you are, Fantastic! You will have a great time, even though NE will lose. HA! It's a beautiful campus and gorgeous scenery. If you get a chance you have to check out where some of Dirty Dancing was filmed.

Heather said...

Congrats on moving to a house!