Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Our house was warmed well this weekend . . with over 60 friends in attendance! Thanks to flash flood warnings, we kept the party indoors but were still able to use our new Weber grill for burgers, dogs, Korean short ribs and chicken, corn on the cob, and veggies.


Everyone raved about the food, the playlist (blaring from the industrial speakers we borrowed), our cute home, and all the fun they had! We were so happy. I was too busy socializing to take many pictures, of course. While my roommates were busy prepping items for the grill, I spent the day purchasing purple pillows for our couch and baking two of my favorite cakes (to remind me of home): angel food cake with a frosting of butter, milk and powdered sugar and triple chocolate bundt cake. I received compliments on both, nearly getting a marriage proposal for the latter. Then he asked what my best dish was, and I had to honestly reply “a scrambled egg sandwich”. Not so good in the kitchen {yet}, folks.

I’m going to begin pushing for another party in October!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet post! Your blog header is precious by the way! Looks like the party was so fun...I might just show up unannounced when this next party rolls around, just kidding! Have a great week! x-julie :-)

Blushing hostess said...

How wonderful to have so many friends with you for your new start. Lovely.

my life is brilliant said...

How fun! Your cakes BOTH sound delicious!

As for the cooking thing, don't worry, evidently you can pick it up. Two months ago, I was surviving with as little cooking as possible. Now that K and I live together, I've made things like pork chops, parmesan-crusted chicken, and meatloaf with cheese in the center (delicious!). Not that any of those are gourmet, but hey, it's a long way from the grilled cheese I used to call cooking!

Anonymous said...

Can you have another when I am in town in January??

steve and randel hambrick said...

YOU were too busy for pictures?? shocking! :)
glad it was fun :)