Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday Weekend Continued . .

When KC suggested 18 holes of early-morning golf on Saturday, I thought it sounded like a fantastic idea. But I soon remembered why I usually stick to 9. I hate golf. No, I love it . . when I'm playing well, which isn't nearly enough to keep me happy for four hours. Miss Positivity was in a bad mood. I would love to take another lesson to hopefully get me back to the level at which I used to play, because, despite the occasional well-played hole, Saturday was pretty painful.


That evening I was able to celebrate by having dinner with ten of my wonderful friends at Indigo Landing, the same restaurant at which I celebrated two years ago. I had hoped to sit out on the deck looking out to the river, but after spending many hours in the sun that day, the A/C was fine by me. And the view could still be seen from inside. I ordered the delicious crab cakes with sweet corn on the side and a glass of Pinot Grigio. As you can see, they brought me not one, but two cakes for dessert . . and I finished both, of course.


I had my heart set on salsa dancing after dinner, and that's exactly what I did on the tiny 2nd floor of . . .


Here I am with my Latin lover Miguel with whom I danced for nearly an hour straight.



When I was dripping with sweat and could merengue no more, I suggested we check out another location . . preferably somewhere cooler!

By the end of the night, we'd worked up quite an appetite again but couldn't decide which sounded better: jumbo slice pizza or empanadas. You know where this is going . .





It was a fun night!


my life is brilliant said...

You always have the cutest clothes!

Also, that is the HUGEST pizza slice I've ever seen!

pinksundrops said...

Yay! Happy birthday weekend again! I went salsa dancing this weekend, too. So much fun!!

Anonymous said...

i don't like golf because if you are sucking, there is not much to do besides suck it up and finish the course! i'm not that patient! (is that how you spell that?)