Friday, August 14, 2009

Important Paper

Did the body man do a good job? I think so, especially for the price. It isn't a body shop-level repair, but that would've run over $1300 with me paying a chunk for the deductible.

And speaking of the car guy, I threw away his phone number! I'll need him to come back and buff the paint job, as well as put on my new light cover, so tossing the number is NOT GOOD. I appreciate my roommate's suggestion at the gas station that I "throw away all these papers" in my front seat. But last night was the wrong time to do so. Fortunately, as soon as we made it home, I realized what I'd done, and we hurried back to that gas station as soon as we finished our mint Skinny Cows {a guilt-free reward for a hardcore workout}. Just under a few receipts lay THE paper with his number scribbled on the back. I'm so glad no real trash-digging was required.

And the story continues . .

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my life is brilliant said...

I'm glad he did a good job, AND I'm glad you found his number! What a nice guy!