Saturday, August 08, 2009

All Moved In!

Four girls. Two U-hauls {a 14 footer and a 24 footer} filled to the brim. It's amazing what you can accumulate in just a few years. We're all moved in, and now it's time to unpack. Ugh. Overwhelming, but fun at the same time. Hopefully I can get organized and stay organized in my new space.

Decorating will be an interesting challenge. I have a feeling that two of the girls prefer a more traditional look, whereas I . . well, I painted an antique mirror a bright, glossy red. Here's hoping we can find a good compromise. If nothing else, I have ambitious plans for my bedroom. I think I've already decided on a color scheme, as I may have found the duvet cover. I'll be checking in with you all to hear what you think, I'm sure.

My first home purchase has already been made . . a large kitchen island! Of all things, I spent a wad of cash on a common area piece. But it's very needed, and I'm excited to put it together. I'm not very good at furniture assembly, so we'll see how it goes . .

The island will go on the left:

I'm signing off until our internet is turned on at the new place. Have a great weekend!


Cady said...

I love the look of your kitchen, especially the tile backsplash. Can't wait to see more pics!

my life is brilliant said...

GORGEOUS kitchen! Why can't mine look like that? Ours is hideous! If we weren't renting (and if we'd be here longer than 2 years), I'd totally repaint.

I bet those of you with varying taste rub off on each other. You might broaden their horizons with decorating. Who knows?

MOM said...

Looks like a very nice place! Hope you get settled soon.

Jenni Lynn said...

so fun! I love the kitchen. I can't wait to see more pics!