Tuesday, October 31, 2006

LONG weekend update

I had another fantastic weekend . .

Friday night, BSG and I went bowling at Lucky Strike which is everything a bowling alley in the Midwest is not – classy. It’s a bar, it’s a restaurant, and it’s got a dress code. This is my kind of place. My only complaint is that their lanes must’ve needed waxing or something, because my ball went into the gutter way more than usual J

We also went to see “Flags of our Fathers” which was an excellent movie. BSG says that it’s almost as good as the book.

Saturday morning, we headed to a consignment store in Bethesda so BSG could attempt to sell a few items she never wears anymore. I was incredibly impressed with the prices. We spotted a like-new JCrew jacket for only $25! And the designer jeans were priced fabulously too! Looks like this girl has found yet another place to shop . . only a lot cheaper than the stores I usually frequent. I don’t have anything against wearing someone’s hand-me-downs as long as they don’t look like hand-me-downs.

Across the street was a cute little flea market with a few great vendors. I will definitely be going back when I have some extra cash . . and when that time comes, I hope they still have the flea market, because it will probably be a few years from now.

Baby Walker had his 1st birthday party on Saturday, and it was the cutest birthday party I’ve ever been to. It was a costume party for babies! All of his play group friends and his parents’ friends’ kids were there – all 3 years of age and younger – in their adorable little costumes. Walker was a frog. The 3-year olds randomly started playing their recorders as we sang him happy birthday. K had the most delicious appetizers set out for the grown-ups and a few different bottles of wine. The kids had a table of their own with baby finger foods and crayons. All adorable kids, but Walker is still the cutest baby I know!

I attended my own costume party that night, to which I went as a Cornhusker . . not a Cornhusker fan, but an actual Cornhusker . . overalls, a flannel shirt, boots, and corn husks in my pockets. I thought it was a creative (albeit lazy) idea, especially since it was basically FREE (because I am definitely returning that flannel shirt). The best costume by far was a shower! I also enjoyed Johnny from the Karate Kid; the guy looked like he jumped right out of the movie. And Mike Ditka had won a costume party the night before. I met Enrique Iglesias, too . . not really, but he totally looked like him.

Sunday morning, I went outside to watch the Marine Corps Marathon runners go by my apartment building. When I discovered I had missed all 34,000 of them, I introduced myself to a family who let me tag along and watch the runners at different points in the race. We walked 5 miles to the National Mall and 5 miles back to Iwo Jima which is near my apartment. It was so fun to cheer on the runners, yelling out the names written on their shirts. The family was great! They were cheering on their wife/mom/best friend. They let me borrow their fleece jacket and called me their adopted L, since the daughter’s name was L, too. It’s kinda funny that I’m going to be on their home video documentary!


k said...

Details on the shower costume??

I think it is the creativity, not that effort that makes the halloween costume - I love your idea!

cady said...

i saw a toilet costume. that was definitely the coolest i saw this year.

my life is brilliant said...

I have heard good things about consignment stores in nice areas in Dallas. I've thought about going to them a few times, but your post totally makes me want to go now! I realize we're in different cities, but I'm sure it holds true here, too.

I think your cornhusker costume sounds great. I've decided next time I go to a costume party, I'm going as Bob Stoops. :)

girl_from_florida said...

Oh, you are too funny!! Making friends all over :) I can't wait to see Flags, it looks amazing. And I totally love consignment stores!