Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Bits and Pieces

My guests have gone, and it's back to reality for me. It was a great week in New York City and D.C. with Mom and Sister and then Best Friend. Would only have been better if it was free. :)

Of course I took loads of pictures, none of which are postable yet. But soon . . I think.

Tomorrow is my first kickball game of the season - whoop whoop - and hopefully I'll make it to first base. My last kickball memory is from the 3rd grade, so this should be interesting.

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you all! Instead of hitting the gym like I so desperately need to do, I suggested the roommates and I go for Mexican tonight. Lyn's recommendation did not disappoint. It was some real authentic and delicious grub, including yummy pupusas.

I am eeexhausted right now and headed straight to bed, but thought I'd say hello to the blogosphere. My goodness, being away from Google Reader for a few days can really overwhelm a person. I have well over 200 posts to read!

1 comment:

Pablo said...

Thanks to your blog and to wikipedia I´ve discovered the existance of kickball and how to play it.To avoid confusion I would call it kickbase, footbase or basekick, something related to the base instead to the "ball".
"Kickball" seems like football, but it sounds interesting anyway.