Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back at the Shore

Our annual girls' trip to the Jersey Shore never happened last year, but we made up for it this past weekend. My friend C is a wonderful hostess, and always makes our time at her family's shore house memorable.

shore houses

Actually, the word "memorable" always seems to be quite the understatement for our trips.

Food-wise, there were things like coffee cake from Mueller's . .

Mueller's for coffee cake

Eaten with cold milk, of course

coffee cake and milk

And there were manis and pedis all around . .

mani/pedi time

An evening at our favorite spot just .6 miles up the road. We know because we walk it every time, and we like knowing how long of a walk it is.

our favorite spot

See? I am a big fan!


Also a big fan of $5 for 13 songs of your choice on the digital jukebox. I picked some winners this time. Although, I was sad our favorite 80s band wasn't in town.

Nevertheless, I was dancing up a storm! hehe. You know I love to dance.

I like to dance

And then there was the beach. Which was perfect in every way. Can you see why I dislike public beaches now? I've been spoiled.

The Jersey Shore from LP on Vimeo.

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