Thursday, May 13, 2010

Completely MIA

“You’ve been completely MIA . . and as badly as I want to take you out on Friday, I need to know if this is a bad move.” Maybe this crazy guy I nearly went out with would feel a little better if he knew I’d been ignoring more than just his text messages. I’ve been neglecting the blog! . . primarily due to my dog-sitting responsibilities this past week, in addition to just not feelin’ like it. I hope you’re not thinking “as badly as I want to keep reading your blog . . “ Haha.

I still want to recap the wonderful times I had with my visitors, starting with Mom and Sister.

First of all, when Mom says she likes something, actually really likes something, and it makes her maybe even a little excited, you must make that something happen! Mom and I are not alike in the easily excitable category.

Mom’s one request?: guacamole from Rosa Mexicano. And I was happy to oblige.


I was also happy to buy Sister and I a little white sangria to go with our guac and delicious steak tacos.


It was the perfect beginning to our time together.

And it was followed by my new favorite treat stop, FroZenYo – the self-serve place I recently discovered.


I tried at least eight flavors.

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