Monday, May 17, 2010

NYC with Mom and Sister

Our bus to New York was late that Thursday, and by the time we reached Penn Station, we were left with only 25 hours to explore the city. As if NYC wasn’t crazy enough!

The first order of business was dropping our bags at the hotel and grabbing a bite to eat. But not just any bite. Some friend-recommended and Yelp-approved brick oven pizza.

First things first, our hotel in the Financial District gave us a peek at the Hudson and a view of the World Trade Center site. Isn’t that building just gorgeous?! It looked to be full of condos – not that I spotted anyone at home on their laptop in bed or anything.


The WTC site is truly sobering, but it’s exciting to see the new construction there. On my last trip, I took the time to walk through a small museum, and I wish we’d had time to do the same. It’s well worth the $10 they charge.




The Subway took us up to Tribeca where Saluggi’s pizza did not disappoint. I was mildly frustrated upon being reminded that I don’t come from a family of adventurous eaters. I myself used to be extremely particular, and the list of foods I once hated would fill pages. But I gently coaxed Mom and Sister into ordering not only the Mediterranean pizza (no olives), but the customer favorite brussel sprout pizza. If it’s a customer favorite, I don’t care how weird it sounds – it’s gotta be good. And it was. Brussel sprouts, bacon, and caramelized onions. Who would’ve thought, right?




So get yourself to Church Street for some pizza! Apparently “Church Street Wants You”.


The main event that night was a Broadway show, and we’d purchased tickets to the The Lion King. Having seen only one other show (The Wedding Singer, which was very good) I was fascinated by the gracefulness of each actor, the costume design and props, the music . . basically everything. I’m glad we chose a show very unlike most others in that it’s attempted to recreate an animated film, and done an amazing job of it!


Of course Times Square was awaiting just outside the theater doors.



And that was our first seven hours in New York!

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my life is brilliant said...

You always post such great photos! You've got a knack for photography!

Glad you had a great time! Which pizza was your favorite?