Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last Weekend

Despite all the extra hours I’ve spent awake this week (read: 1am bedtime every night, ugh), I’ve been seriously neglecting the blog!

My mom and sister fly in this evening for a long weekend in New York City and D.C. It’s been about three years since either of them have visited, so needless to say, I’m a little (or maybe a lot) excited. I’ve been spending several hours the past few days cleaning and organizing my room, as well as scoping out some fun NYC activities. Don’t tell my mom, but although this will be my sixth time in the city and I do feel comfortable navigating, it always makes me a teeny bit nervous to visit. It’s just so . . HUGE. And as much as I love exploring its vastness, I can’t help but feel slightly overwhelmed by the buildings, the people, the sights and the smells. That is to say, I like the city, but I don’t loooove it. Two days is always plenty of time for me. It will be fun to see what Mom and Sister think.

Last weekend was perfectly low-key since the priority was organizing, laundry, and all that other fun stuff. I spent both weekend evenings on the couch in sweat pants. As much as I love make-up, heels, and fun outfits, there is something to be said for just chilling at home. On Sunday, I rose as early as 8am for my second p90x workout with KC. {I am loving it so far!} Several friends visited church with me that day, and we had a nice lunch at Chop’t after the service. The forecasted rain stayed away all day, as Lauren and I shopped in the sun along 14 Street, popping into various home décor and thrift shops before heading south of town to Ikea. We drooled over some lovely pieces at Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams, vowed to never set foot in Rough and Ready again, and picked up some delicious macarons at ACKC. It was like a little piece of Paris in my mouth. {I’ve been dying to try them for months, after seeing them pop up in all sorts of design magazines and especially after reading about their popularity here, though I hope they don't become trendy.}
Throughout the day, I purchased a few more items that have brought my bedroom to very near completion. How long have I been saying that? But no, really – other than curtain trim, a pillow DIY, and a few more accessories, I’m finished! Pictures should come soon.

I'm off for some family fun . .

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