Friday, April 23, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

As of last weekend, I think I’ve managed to attend every professional sporting event in the D.C. area at least once.

Hockey (Capitals), football (Redskins and Ravens), soccer (United), baseball (Nats and Orioles), basketball (Wizards). . I’ve even been to the Legg Mason Tennis Classic.

Sporting events might be my favorite pastime ever! Or eating. Sporting events usually involve eating though, so . . perfect!

I’m beyond thrilled that baseball season has started again, and despite the rain, my friends and I stuck out the Nationals game last Friday under the cover of an overhang with beer and chili cheese dogs in hand.


One of many things I love about the new stadium is all the fantastic food offerings from local spots like Ben’s Chili Bowl, Five Guys, and Gifford’s, my favorite homemade ice cream shop. I spent my $10 Nats Bucks coupon wisely.


Sundae in a ballcap, don’t mind if I do. Oreo, strawberry cheesecake, and swiss chocolate with fudge and whipped cream on top. I shared the indulgence with Lauren.

On a side note, there’s something I love about that little red t-shirt, and I really wish I could call it my own. The fact of the matter is that I had fully intended on watching that game in a cable-knit top, skirt and heels – exactly what I’d worn to work that day. My last second packing before flying out the door that morning resulted in a combo that just wasn’t gonna work. Thanks to a friend I met up with pre-game, I was able to not only wear an acceptable and weather-appropriate shirt with my jeans, but I also borrowed her nail polish right there at the bar, making my toes flip-flop-ready. A much more comfortable outfit for a ballgame.


Despite a cold front that came in the next day, a group of us were dumb enough to wear not enough layers to our first Major League Soccer game at RFK stadium. Cold and windy is not enjoyable! I’m smiling here, but I wasn’t so happy when we “tailgated” food-less before the game.



Once inside, we escaped the wind, and I did enjoy the game. The soccer fans are passionate here, even though D.C. United isn’t often a winning team.


I was also reminded how cute soccer players can be. No wonder I always had crushes on them growing up.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you painted your toes in the bar! Too funny!

Brett G said...

That's awesome you went to a DC United game! I don't like them, no, but I think that's the same stadium the US National team plays in often enough! I wish I could paint my toe nails too.