Friday, July 31, 2009

Wish List

My birthday is fast-approaching, and unlike other years, there are plenty of things on my wish list this time. And that's exactly where they will remain! I won't be getting any of these things for a gift this year, but a girl can still dream.

I'm still playing around with the two lenses I already have, but this would be the perfect addition to the family.
35mm f1.8

One of my favorite styles of handbags has always been the hobo, and J. Crew has me drooling over this one.
jcrew campo

I'm getting back into tennis again, but my old high school racket has got to go!
wilson KZERO

Now, this is a more reasonable birthday request. Isn't it beautiful? Get yours here.
orangepoppy ruffle necklace

I never wear watches, but I'm sure I'd wear this one daily!
jcrew military watch

I'll be needing a desk for my new room, and I'm in love with the Parsons desk from West Elm.

I also love the sawhorse desk.
sawhorse desk west elm

I've been to the beach the past couple of birthdays. Hilton Head would be nice.


Traveler said...

That looks just like the watch I am wearing now. It was given to the USAF...a while ago. It dosen't say says Government Issue. I love it.

my life is brilliant said...

My birthday wish list consists of one thing: a really nice digital camera. I have my heart set on one of the Nikon D-somethings, like yours. :) D50, D80, D90 ...

A girl can definitely dream!

pinksundrops said...

Happy early birthday! Here's to you getting at least one of what's on your wish list! And at the very least an absolutely fabulous year in your new place!