Saturday, July 18, 2009

Food on the 4th

So yes, Nebraska was wonderful. All ten days of it . . although I think eleven would have been pushing it. I was beginning to miss the place that has become my home these past three years. I will always love the place I came from, but for now and who knows how long, I belong in D.C. and Virginia.


The thing that takes me away from the nation's capital over the 4th of July is the family I'll see at Grandma's home on the lake. Nebraska family. Texas family. Indiana family. Cousins, aunts, uncles, family friends I love.


Sand volleyball, delicious dinners, boat rides, hands held around a circle for pre-dinner prayers, games, laughter, and much more. The 4th is my favorite holiday.


With 14 house guests at Grandma's, every night that week is a feast with the 4th being the ultimate meal.

Each holiday has its traditional main dish, and on the 4th of July it's fried chicken, along with Grandma's famous baked beans and famous potato salad.



Others bring their usual sides, as well. {I still miss my late great aunt's waldorf salad.} A family friend is known for bringing the best Rice Krispie treats you'll ever eat.


My sister makes a flag cake every year. It always looks perfect and tastes as good as it looks.



Dessert is just as good as dinner. This year Mom and Grandma got stuck making the homemade ice cream in the rain!


It was much appreciated, I can assure you! I couldn't decide between chocolate marshmallow or vanilla, nor could I choose just one cake.


A friend's homemade hot fudge is equally as crucial to our Independence Day sweets. My brother-in-law feels strongly about this, as well.


Are you as hungry as I am right now? I think I'll grab an after-midnight snack and come back soon to talk about something 4th-related other than food.

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my life is brilliant said...

How fun -- and delicious! My family always does homemade ice cream too. I love it!