Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Real Life

You all, I've got to be straight up with you. My life isn't all fun and excitement. I write about food and fun and friends, but at the end of the day, that stuff does not satisfy me. And if my focus is on those things alone, I won't really be loving those around me, and I won't be finding my fulfillment in my Best Friend, Jesus. Going home was really grounding for me, because it was the relationships, not the fun activities that made it such a blessing. I certainly have wonderful friendships here, but in a place where you're surrounded by activities, excitement, career-minded and highly educated people, you can become pretty distracted. Praise the Lord that He is my peace, my fulfillment, my strength, my provider . . my everything. And if I did nothing but work and come home each evening, I could be content, because He is enough. Much more than enough. I think the blogosphere, facebook, myspace, twitter, whatever it is we do to stay connected - it can actually make us discontent, comparing ourselves to others and their lives, and focusing way too much on ourselves. I'm certainly not planning on erasing my blog or my facebook anytime soon, because I think there are plenty of positives they bring, as well . . but I think it's good to take a step back and ask ourselves whose opinion we value most (for me, it's the Lord) and where we're finding fulfillment (again for me, it's in the Lord). Just some deep thoughts for y'all tonight. I'm not going to start writing personal posts on you or anything. I'm still going to share about my adventures here. But I'd be misleading you if you ever thought my life is great because I always have so much fun. My life is great because I know Jesus in a personal way, and He is so sweet to me. And all the unknowns in my life right now and the things that might make me want to cry, He knows how they're going to turn out, and He's holding my hand and fathering me through it all. And no fun night out can ever give me the joy that He does.

I love this song about resting in the Lord and finding your true identity in Him:

With every breath, with every thought
From what is seen to the deepest parts
I offer all that I've come to be
To know your love, Father, in me

With every step on this journey's walk
Wisdom songs that the soul has sought
I give myself unreservedly
To know your love, Father, in me

Father, you're all I need
My sole sufficiency
My strength when I am weak
The love that carries me

Your arms enfold me
Til I am only a child of God



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Great post! Good reminder. Definitely something I want to/need to work toward.

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Rita Springer?

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The Truth will set you free.