Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ice Cream Cake!

I'm still working away at this packing endeavor, and I've worked up a craving for this ice cream cake. It's a super easy one to make, and the best part is that the flavors can change, but the directions stay the same. I just recommend making it the night before you plan to eat it.

While home in Nebraska this month, I made it for my family one night.

First, the fun part: decide which cake flavors and ice cream flavors you’d like in your cake. We chose mint chocolate chip ice cream and dark chocolate fudge cake. In the past, I’ve loved funfetti cake with both strawberry and vanilla ice creams.

Bake the cake and let it cool completely.

Let your ice cream soften, as well.

Grab a springform pan and tear off a piece of wax paper large enough to sit in the pan and come over the edges.

Here comes the other fun part. Dig your hand into that cake and press about half of it into the bottom of the pan.

Then spread a layer of ice cream over the top of your first layer of cake. You can add another layer of hot fudge, oreo crumbs, nuts, or whatever else you’d like on top of that.

Then, the rest of the cake followed by another layer of ice cream and a fun topping.

Cover your pan in foil and stick it in the freezer overnight.

Enjoy it the following evening, and you won’t be disappointed! True, you could just bake a cake and put ice cream on top, but something about smooshing them together makes it so much more delicious!



Courtney said...

OMG - that sounds amazing!!! And yes - the smooshing part seems KEY. :)


my life is brilliant said...

Um, I WILL be trying this! Thanks for sharing!