Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Potomac Boating

Rather than the usual boating on Lake Anna, this weekend found me on the dirty Potomac, a body of water you couldn't pay me to dip my toe in, but a fun place to boat nonetheless.

Air Force marina

With cold beers in hand, and a cool breeze on our faces, we headed into the harbor, driving past several houseboats on our way.

One gentleman was enjoying his beer too, as well as a nice nap on his back deck, mouth wide open as he dozed. What a life!

taking a nap on the boat

Not every boat looked like a home, but I'm guessing this old ship was occupied based on the little umbrella and table set-up in the back.

I think it's a houseboat

We drove by the marina and restaurant at which I spent my birthday two years ago. It made me remember the delicious food, and now I want to go back!

Indigo Landing

And then we sailed past yet another waterfront restaurant I've visited. And come to think of it, I want to go back there, too!

Alexandria waterfront

We sat for awhile watching planes land overhead, and it made me so excited for my upcoming flight. Though not always a perfectly pleasant experience, I love to fly, love the feeling of racing down the runway, wheels up and into the sky. I've flown 12 times in the past year, but it's been nearly four months since I was last in the air. I'm ready!

watching planes fly low

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k said...

Next time I come to DC, I want to come in the summer so I can go boating with you!