Monday, July 20, 2009

My Favorite Thing

One of the reasons I thought I'd never move away was my reluctance to leave Grandma's lake behind. Not only because I love her and love being there, but because I love to slalom ski.

But the Lord has really blessed me here in Virginia with a couple of guy friends (my boating crew) who invite me out every time they go. Yet as much as I love Lake Anna, Grandma's lake is smaller, the water can be smoother, and it's equally beautiful. Plus I get to enjoy it with my family.

While I was home over the 4th, Dad was determined to get up on one ski again (after four years), so we set aside Friday to do just that.

He was convinced we needed a longer rope, so he took care of rope selection . .


. . while I walked around the marine admiring the propellors . .


. . and coveting the boats (200HP, yes please).


But we finally made it out to the lake, and let me just say, my Dad is a rockstar.


Wow, huh?


Talk about motivation! I was ready to go after that, and I couldn't wait to cut harder and move faster across the water.


The water was like glass, which made it much more fun.


Fast forward to this weekend when I adjusted the fin five degrees on the bottom of the ski, and it made a noticeable difference. I wasn't fatigued early on, and I was having a blast.


I was also using the handlebar like a steering wheel. Whatever works, right?



It was a gorgeous day outside, and minus the radio cutting out on us and the trouble we had initially getting the boat started . . it was the perfect day.

The sky was clear . .


The weather was warm.


Our food at the cafe was delicious as usual . .


I had a dog lovin' on me . .


And my toes were painted passion fruit.


The drive back to the boys' house was lovely, too.


There's corn here, too. Not as good, of course. :)


Hungry again, we grilled some thin seasoned chicken breasts.


A fresh fruit salad . .


A pasta salad . .


And a belated birthday cake for the bald old man. (Well, he's only 30.)


Here's hoping the boat is working Friday, and I'm able to leave work early, because I'm anxious to get back on the lake!


my life is brilliant said...

Awesome pictures! I love your nail polish color, too.

If I could have reached through the screen and eaten that fruit salad, it would be completely gone. :)

pinksundrops said...

You are blessed. But I understand and FEEL the homesickness. I heart the toe photo!!!

Katie said...

Your pictures capture the perfect summer weekend. I wish I could waterski. Love the toenail polish and the adorable dog!