Monday, April 27, 2009

She's Country


Is it Friday yet? I am feeling sick-exhausted from my quick weekend road trip to Nashville. The “quick” part certainly wasn’t the driving, at a whopping 10+ hours each way. I learned that if you’re tired enough, the floor space between the front and back seat? You’ll find a way to make it work. I barely fit, but I slept there for several hours as we drove all night on Thursday. I wish car manufacturers would do away with that bump in the middle!

Despite the lack of sleep, the two days we spent in Nashvegas were a total blast! I was the only one out of nine girls that didn’t run in the Country Half Marathon, but the roles of official cheerleader and picture-taker were fine by me. I began training for a half last year, and a subsequent foot injury sent me to the podiatrist for a shot of cortisone and six painful weeks in flats. I like to avoid repeat injuries when possible, although standing in the check-in line with the girls, I almost last-minute signed up. Better judgment won the day, thank goodness!

I think the trip recap would best be told in pictures, and goodness knows, I took plenty!

Downtown Nashville, Broadway

Live music at Tootsie's
Bar top dancin' with the girls. Nothing scandalous, of course! Like my new Stetson hat?
Lounging by the river before dinner
Drooling over real gator boots. The pair I loved were on sale for $300. Typical.
The fun doesn't wait until dark to begin.
Speaking of dark, we headed to the marathon at 5:30am. This sign was right outside the hotel.
I made friends with a woman who was there to cheer on her husband. She drove me around to watch for my friends. This little girl was making a sign for her mommy at the 6 mile marker.
And here come the 31,000+ runners.
The post-race evening concert featured Billy Currington. He was doing a few things right. :) GREAT concert!
And this was the point at which I was ready to call it a night. Way too crowded. Way too many drunk people.
I've come to the conclusion that Nashville is heaven . . in the daytime. I was disappointed to see so many clubs and such a rowdy atmosphere once night came. During the day, we'd had a blast at the karaoke bars, listening to great live country bands and getting excited for the line dancing and even better bands we thought we'd see that night. But it seems that Nashville's trying to appeal to the non-country lovers and young'uns that don't care about the city's roots. I didn't need to go to Tennessee to see bass bumpin' cars and sketchy characters running the streets. Thoroughly dissapointing. Then again, maybe I just hit the wrong places.

But I don't want to end on a bad note. I still loved Nashville! It's a beautiful city filled with loads of talent and very friendly people. I'm excited to go back someDAY.


pinksundrops said...

Go you for making that drive for a weekend trip! I'm impressed. That was pretty darn good sport of you to go and cheer them all on despite the problems with your foot!

k said...

i loved nashville when i was there (i was by myself so i didn't stay out too late). i loved all the music in all the bars along broadway.