Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Day in Dupont

Before I head off to Nashville for the weekend, I wanted to share a little bit more about last weekend.

There are so many neat neighborhoods in and around this city, and I love getting out of my own and experiencing the vibe of another. Last weekend, I booked a hair appointment in Dupont for a much needed "trim" (that ended in a two-inch cut! boo!), and after talking salsa and merengue with my Salvadorian hair dresser, I walked around for a couple of hours. As you know, I stopped into Hello Cupcake, but I also went out for lunch, just me, myself, and I.

Zorba's was just as delicious as I expected and very reasonably priced, if not cheap! I love authentic restaurants, and it did not disappoint. It's fun checking out the decor, as well.

Souvlaki pita and Greek fries
After lunch, I stopped into a few shops and picked up yet another pair of sunglasses. What do you think?
Like many neighborhoods in D.C., this one is full of old buildings with tons of character, and plenty of unique restaurants and shops.
Many people plant themselves on the steps of the fountain in the middle of the Dupont Circle roundabout. Others sit on the grass or surrounding benches. It's a beautiful place to take a book or just chill with friends.

Moral of the story: I need to get out of my neck of the woods more often!

Both evenings last weekend, I made it over to the Georgetown Waterfront to have a drink and enjoy the perfect weather with friends.
And then, a yummy pizza for dinner at Pizzeria Paradiso.
Potatoes, pesto, and parmesan. The only thing it needed was some MEAT.
I'm off to pack my bags for a girls' weekend, starting tomorrow night! Be back soon!


Anonymous said... kind of pizza! looks like a wonderful day you had :)
love, m+1

k said...

I've been to Zorba's - twice! It is a favorite at the big conference I go to.

Have fun in Nashville!!

pinksundrops said...

It's so beautiful there! Houses that are architecturally interesting draw me in and make me never want to look in, and those houses are beautiful! If I ever do visit you, I so want to go there!

PS LOVE your hair! Those glasses look like the perfect pair of beach sunglasses. I can imagine you on a jet ski or the back of a boat with them.

boodut said...

Your hair looks awesome!! I am feeling a little jealous of your blonde hair now. Oh well. Love you!