Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Coast-to-Coast Reunion

-After dinner on Capitol Hill.-

Last weekend my high school friend was in town, making the trip out from San Francisco, where I visited her last fall. It was her third time coming to see me, and I think it was my favorite. She was able to meet several of my friends, and our no agenda weekend turned into a fun-filled yet relaxing few days.

At the end of her stay, I asked her a completely normal question (in my opinion): "What was your favorite thing that we ate this weekend?"

"To be honest, I'm not really that into food."

Silence. I mean, what a shame!

And then she answered, "Probably the salsa we had Thursday night."

No surprise there. This girl could drink salsa out of a can, and we not only had Mexican twice in four days, we snacked on chips and salsa at home every evening.

Of course I would've answered my question differently and mentioned one of the "Passover Specials" at Paolo's, a tender beef brisket marinated in a light cherry sauce and topped with carmelized onions. Speaking of marinade, I also loved the Salvadorian roasted chicken plate I had at Los Tios. And the Indian butter chicken at the Delhi Club, along with samosa chat . . mmm, perfection.

-THE brisket-
-Tuna salad tartine with olive tapanade at a French cafe-
-Chocolate-dipped macaroon-

But we did do more than dinner last weekend, including a couple nights of dancing and the first day of our Bible study that we plan to keep up long distance, since she's not yet plugged into a group in California.
-Night out in Georgetown-
The height difference is a little ridiculous, no?
We are each other's go-to fashion friends. Love getting dressed up every now and then.

I told her she doesn't know it, but she's really an East Coast girl . . although I'm not sure I'd leave California either if I was her.

She left me not only with some great new memories, but also a Swiffer SweeperVac! The entire apartment is tile and parquet flooring aka impossible to sweep or keep clean. But I've now learned I have another domestic bone in my body, because I LOVE sweep-vaccing the floors!
Thanks Friend! Come back again soon!

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pinksundrops said...

Hehe, the height difference is a little ridiculous. You both are still adorable though! I love the Miss Suzy Homemaker shot : ) .

Thanks for your comment by the way! My life is so wrapped up in survival and still enjoying myself sometimes that sometimes I wonder which end is up! Comments like that help keep me okay with where I'm at and grounded at the same time.