Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Company's Coming!

At last, someone is coming to see me again! It's been over a year since anyone has paid me a visit, and I'm excited to show the city to another friend. This friend has visited me twice before, but two years later I'm much more settled into my life here, have new favorite spots and also a core group of friends. I'm disappointed the weather will be a bit cooler than last weekend and rain is in the forecast, too, but hopefully it won't put a damper on any of our plans . . that we haven't made quite yet. Doing tourist stuff is a must here, but in my opinion living here is much more fun. Since she's already seen the must-sees, we can focus on just spending time together doing everyday things.

Having company is a great excuse to clean, but it also reminds me that ugh, I am the only one who ever does! Or at least it feels that way. Fortunately my sweet roommate offered to clean the kitchen floor this time, and I focused on the pretty disgusting bathroom.

I hope she's a little hungry when she arrives, because her favorites - chips and salsa and sparkling water - are waiting, and I'm always up for a snack myself. :)

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pinksundrops said...

Oooh I want to come visit you! My favorite are Red Vines, fyi, in case I actually end up coming ; ) .