Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Favorite Vacation Spot: Branson

I’m sure everyone, including my Branson-regular friends are surprised to see me list this place as a favorite vacation spot.

Since the Traveler asked “Where do you stay and what's your favorite "to do" in Branson?”, I thought I’d share the answer with all of you.

I’ve visited Branson only three times before, but I’d love to go back again. I used to think of this family-friendly Missouri town as a place only my grandparents would enjoy. In fact, it probably wouldn’t even be hip enough for Uptown Grandma. But I took back those preconceived notions after traveling there with AMC (Awesome Married Couple) a few years ago. But who wouldn’t change their mind when staying at a house overlooking the fabulous Table Rock Lake? Every day, after toast for breakfast, we’d grab our swim gear and drive down to the docks in West Branson, where AMC’s gorgeous boat awaited us. And we’d spend ALL DAY ON THE LAKE. Then into Branson for the evening.

So my favorite “to do” is boating, cliff jumping (although be careful, someone was killed in one spot), jet-skiing, and docking for greasy pizza slices or Danna’s BBQ. Definitely Danna’s BBQ. The BBQ nachos are “highly acclaimed” for a reason. Save room for dessert, too – but it won’t be easy.

Evenings in Branson were always the perfect end to an exhausting day in the sun. The show or two I went to was quite good, though. I also enjoyed putt-putt golf, the rip cord, and stopping at Scottie’s Frozen Custard (which sadly has closed, I believe). What a shame! One thing I never did but heard good things about was dinner on the Showboat. Somewhat pricey, but worth it, or so I’ve heard.

So yes, Branson is great! And before I forget, I should mention a great place to stay if you don’t have friends in the area. Big Cedar Lodge is right on the lake, a cozy place where my friends have stayed before. Their Sunday brunch is delicious, too. We would take long morning boat rides across the lake for it.

I hope the Traveler and his friends have fun on their trip! I’m confident they will.

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Traveler said...

Thanks L. I am sure we will have a great time. You're a sweetheart!