Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Today is my friend J’s birthday, and we’re celebrating at Cactus C.antina. Yay for Tex-Mex! And yay for J! J is one of my Bible study friends. The Bible study that no longer exists. It hasn’t since before this summer. But it’s the Bible study that introduced me to a group of great girls only two months after moving to D.C. last year. This summer has been crazy with everyone traveling, but it will be good to see at least a few of the girls tonight. J and I have especially bonded this summer going to baseball games, boating, etc. She is such a sweet girl with a very genuine heart, and I’m excited to celebrate her tonight!

Tomorrow night I have a fundraiser for a nonprofit that sponsors African teenagers and sends them to school. My roommate Lyn is in charge of the desserts, so I’m going to go offer some moral support and be a taste tester!

Friday night is date night, folks! He’s “looking forward to it!” and so am I.

Of course the weekend is all about football, as depressing as that now seems to be. But I am certainly a faithful fan, and I am committed to watching us lose every.single.weekend for the rest of the season. Not being pessimistic. Just being realistic. Fortunately the football in my weekend will again consist of more than just watching it on TV. I’m playing! I played two games last weekend, and despite the fact that I looked like a complete tool with BOTH my knee braces on, it was so much fun! It was also very scary, because unlike this coming weekend, last weekend was two-hand touch football and there is much more forceful running and shoving involved. I mean, four injured players on my team? You better believe I was praying before each and every play. So this weekend, bring on the flags . . and don’t touch me!


LindsayBlake said...

laura! i can't wait to see you too! can't wait to chat it up! love you!

my life is brilliant said...

Good for you for sticking by your team. You are awesome.

And I need two knee braces too! I was working out with K last week, and I had my knee brace on my right knee. I always wear a brace on that knee because it's dislocated more than my left -- and it's the one I had surgery on.

But my left knee was hurting too. K told me I should wear a brace on it.

"I can't look like an idiot with TWO knee braces!" I said.

His response: "You won't look like an idiot. At least you won't be sitting around at home using it as an excuse. You're the bad-ass who's still working out to make it better."

s said...

ya for date night :) and birthday celebrations are always fun. looking like a idiot with two knee braces is far better than not wearing any knee braces and being bored on the couch while recuperating from a serious surgery :P