Friday, October 26, 2007


I'm reliable. Really I am. And I'm not forgetful. Not usually.

My dog-sitting job started on Wednesday this week. I planned to go over right after work, as soon as I got home to jump in the car. But I had a birthday party to attend, a card to buy, and dry cleaning to pick up. Come Thursday morning in the shower, I was hit with the realization. I'd forgotten the dog. Not only was I supposed to let him out and feed him, I was supposed to sleep there so he wouldn't be lonely. He's such a needy dog.

Hair dripping wet, pajamas back on, I raced over in my car only to find he'd jumped his gate and dropped a couple loads in the upstairs hallway. I felt terrible! For him and for myself because now I had to clean up the s***!

So I stayed with him last night, petted him profusely, told him I loved him, gave him two treats and so on. And I think he'd forgiven me because he wasn't satisfied just lying next to me on the bed. He had to lick my face. Not wanting to be slobbered on, I buried my head in the pillow as he frantically tried to push his nose into my neck, wanting desperately to lick my face. I was laughing hysterically, but that only seemed to encourage him. All that lovin' almost makes the 5am feeding worth it.


s said...

aww, i keep telling wint that i want a puppy so badly, but then i remember i barely have enough time to take care of myself. glad that you and the pup had a nice sleepover last night :)

LindsayBlake said...

dog sitting is simply amazing. stories ALWAYS comes out of them!