Sunday, February 14, 2010


I got a rose for Valentine's Day!

My roommate and I had a yummy dinner at a newly discovered Greek restaurant (I will be back!) and the Greek waiter was handing out roses to all the ladies.

We also saw "Valentine's Day", which was a cute, entertaining flick, although I don't care to see it again. I recommend "Dear John" over this one, especially if you're in the mood to shed a few tears.

Today was probably the wrong day to start my diet, but seriously, I've got pounds to drop. I made a down payment for the Outer Banks trip this May, and after stepping on the scale at the gym this morning and wiggling into my skinny jeans, I realized there is much work to be done!

I hope you all had a wonderful Day of Love today! (And I hope you have President's Day off tomorrow just like me. Woohoo!)

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boodut said...

We saw Valentine's Day too and enjoyed it. I hadn't heard anything good about Dear John...sounds like you are one of those people who enjoys watching movies that make you should watch P.S. I Love You