Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dining in L.A. - Day 3

Brunch is one of my favorite things, so I was thrilled that we fit one into our weekend. And at a spot I'd heard was worth a visit.


It was plain to see that Toast was popular as soon as we pulled up. But we didn't mind waiting outside and people-watching for awhile. I was taking fashion notes, for sure.

We asked to be seated outdoors, despite the somewhat chilly temps. Outdoors is so much better than in.

The peanut butter banana smoothie jumped off the menu immediately. It was all I hoped it would be. You know my love for bananas? I feel the same way about peanut butter. And probably a few other things, but I digress.


Although it was very tempting to order the stuffed french toast (with banana pudding, caramelized bananas and walnut), I thought too much sweet would give me a stomach ache. Instead, I ordered an open-face croissant with smoked salmon, scallions, scrambled eggs, and hollandaise sauce. And a side of fruit, how healthy of me.


After brunch, we headed to Sunset Plaza for some shopping and popped into Buttercream Bakery for some agua and a cupcake treat.


Oh geez, picking one cupcake is always so hard!


I chose the chocolate chip cheesecake. I highly recommended it!


Later that afternoon, while shopping on Robertson, we stopped for a snack, something to tide us over until dinner. And I hate to be all typical tourist, but we got that snack at The Ivy. But you better believe I was not scoping the patio for any stars, because that's just not cool. Well, maybe I took a casual glance, but honestly, being nonchalant about such things is not easy. There very well may have been someone famous at the restaurant, but I was too busy enjoying my guac and tortillas, as well as some crab cakes and chipotle aioli.



Nothing extraordinary, but it was a cute setting. Certainly nowhere you'd expect to see a star, although I know it's a spot they frequent.

The sun set, and the quiet atmosphere felt even cozier. Maybe I can understand why celebs love it.


Rather than dine at a restaurant, we spent our Saturday night at Bodega Wine Bar in Santa Monica. (And here's a little US mag tidbit: apparently Kristin Cavallari had a date here on The Hills. How did I miss that episode?)


We wanted to share a bottle, but guess who only drinks white? This girl. I've tried a few reds that I like, though, so I was willing to give the Syrah a chance. I'm so glad I did!


We paired our wine with a couple of small plates that I've seriously been craving ever since. When I say grilled challah with brie and turkey and sliced apples, it sounds so much less amazing than it actually was. And the same goes for the hummus with pita bread. I downed both (with Shae's help) in a heartbeat. And you know I topped it off with the warm brownie and vanilla bean ice cream. Of course I did.


Amidst all this wine drinking and eating, we chatted with an aspiring actor (aren't they all?!) from Kentucky who has since become my Facebook friend (ha!). It was such a fun evening!

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my life is brilliant said...

Delicious! The brunch looks amazing, and the grilled challah with brie and turkey and sliced apples sound yummy!

Also, I'm so not cool enough to even TRY to play it cool at Ivy. I'd have scoped the patio, searched for back rooms, and had my radar up the whole time. :)