Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dining in L.A. - Day 1

My recent trip to L.A. involved primarily two things: shopping and eating. And lots of both. LOTS.

It was another food weekend I'll not soon forget, and of course I took pictures of it all. If you don't enjoy food, you probably won't enjoy this post.

I have to say, my friend Shae is quite the trooper. I know she could care less about new food experiences, but with our combined restaurant ideas, we hit some amazing places, and if she didn't enjoy it, she did a good job pretending.

The night I arrived, she took me to drop my bags at the sweet apartment she shares with two roommates . .



. . and then straight to fill my tummy with Mexican food at El Cholo Cafe in Santa Monica.


First things first, "I'll have a strawberry margarita, please".


And after much deliberating, I settled on the blue corn enchiladas. After all, they were the founder's favorite, and the restaurant has been around since 1923!

Marinated Chicken wrapped with Blue Corn Tortillas, Tomatillo Sauce, Sour Cream, and Avocado Garnish. Served with Black Beans and Rice. Si, lo quiero! {There is probably something very romantic about that statement when translated, but I do feel very passionately about food.}


And there were most definitely chips and salsa present.


Great welcome to L.A., no?


my life is brilliant said...

That IS a great welcome! Your friend's apartment is gorgeous! Is she (or one of her roommates) an interior decorator, or what?

MOM said...

This makes me very hungry. That is one meal I would enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Mmm I love El Cholo! I've been to the one in Pasadena a few times! De-lish!

boodut said...

That dinner sounds delicious!! And Shae's apartment looks picture perfect.