Friday, February 19, 2010

Dining in L.A. - Day 4

Last day in L.A. and so much I hadn't eaten yet. :)

Little did I know, I would get my celeb sighting that day!

Our destination for the day was Malibu. And I don't know about Shae, but I was hungry. We requested a patio seat at Tony's (Taverna Tony), and as we were being seated, I saw her . . Selma Hayek was only two tables away. In fact, we were the only three people on the patio. From my casual observation, I can say that she looked fab in her oversized shades, made smoking look incredibly classy, and her accent is so lovely. I did not snap a picture, because it would've been more than obvious and pretty rude.


I did, however, snap a picture of my Greek food. I savored every bite of pastichio (which is Greek-style lasagna with macaroni, ground beef, tomatoes, Bechamel sauce, and cheese), green beans (marinated in something delicious), and Greek-style roasted potatoes.


Mouth-watering, isn't it?

While shopping around the Civic Center, we popped into the Chocolatebox Cafe for a teeny child-size treat. I had a mini scoop of berry yogurt with pistachio swirl and another mini scoop of apple sorbet.



But I didn't stop there with the treats. I purposefully ordered the kiddie size so I could also grab a cupcake at Crumbs.


I'd never seen such creative and over-the-top cupcakes! Two different frostings and three different toppings? Wow. Still full from lunch, I asked that the Half Baked cupcake be packaged to-go, and I enjoyed it the next morning for breakfast. I needed some sugar to get me going!


As you can see, it was made up of marble cake, buttercream filling, half cream cheese frosting/half chocolate frosting, and brownie bits and chocolate chip cookie chunks on top! Probably a good 10,000 calories, I'm sure!


But as I said, I saved it for breakfast. I suspected (correctly) that I might be having dessert that night for dinner anyway.

My last meal of the trip was in the South Bay, the adorable Manhattan Beach.


When Shae first mentioned burgers and sandwiches, I thought the place might be unoriginal. But I'm always up for a good burger!

However, Simmzy's wasn't your typical burger joint at all. We split the grilled ahi salad (yum!) and an ahi tuna sandwich, too.


How does this sound?: olive oil poached ahi, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, house tartar, and grilled buckwheat bread. It really hit the spot!


And the S'mores Pudding? That was perfect, too.


Toasted marshmallows on top and graham cracker crumbs.

Thanks for the good eats, L.A.!


my life is brilliant said...

Wow, that cupcake looks absolutely sinful. I love the composition of the picture!

How cool that you saw Salma Hayek!!!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I'm drooling over your pictures (because of the food and beauty)! I have to say that I didn't see one celeb during my trip to LA. Can you believe it?