Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Ugh, Packing!

I am not a packer. My suitcase now sits empty with various outfits laid out on my bed, as I attempt to determine what I will feel like wearing in the next few days. Who am I to predict the future? I need to be prepared for various scenarios, activities, and temperatures. I'm working with a range of 45-65 degrees, so I need to layer. And I'm going to L.A., so I should look effortlessly chic, right? Well, this certainly doesn't feel effortless. I'm going to begin tossing things in soon, and if I don't have the right outfit once I arrive, I suppose I'll just have to go shopping. ;)

Are you like me? Do you throw random things on while packing? To make sure they fit? Because you haven't worn them in awhile? Just for fun?

This is a typical packing outfit for me . . sweats, sports bra, a favorite scarf, and a top that I'm not exactly sure how to wear. Maybe I should just go in this.

It's getting late, and I need to wrap it up. I've hit a wall, and soon I'll fall asleep sitting here.


my life is brilliant said...

I've tried things on once or twice while packing, definitely! My packing persona, though, is the one that keeps throwing things in the suitcase. Inevitably, I wonder if I've overpacked. And if I have enough time to go through everything again, I have been known to pull everything out, eliminate a few things, and repack.

And then I wind up underpacked.

I bet LA this time of year would be pretty harrd to pack for. I don't envy you there! So maybe it is fate that the sale is going on, just so you don't stress about it too much. ;)

Katherine said...

that's hilarious :-) i hope your headache went away and you actually got some sleep last night!

s said...

i'm the worst packer. i always lay things out and plan an outfit for each day, somehow i always want to wear the one thing i didn't bring.

Lauren said...

We totally miss you, but hope you are having a great time in LA.

Its already snowing like crazy here.

And yes, I always take forever to pack because I try on half of my clothes while doing so. And on the last trip I took I was still throwing things into and out of my bag while walking out the door with a cab waiting out front.

Love you!