Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Need More French Food in My Life

I had dinner with The Girl tonight at Cafe Bonaparte. It was every bit as lovely as I had heard.


Perfectly tucked away in Georgetown, I almost felt as though I'd been transported to Paris. . . except that I've never been there, so I suppose I can't quite know how it feels.

The Girl and I happened to be eyeing the same plate for an appetizer, and we ordered the crepe chips with apples and brie.


We unknowingly picked the same entree, as well. The Budapest crepe was filled with seasoned ground beef, onions, tomatoes, and green peppers, topped with a sour cream cilantro sauce. And what was that salty dressing on our salad? We're dying to know, but forgot to ask.


It's a shame that I've committed to avoiding desserts for several weeks {in an effort to get back in shape}, because I know every one of the treats on their extra long dessert list would've been the perfect end to a delicious dinner. There will have to be several 'next times' to make up for it, I suppose.



my life is brilliant said...

Oh my gosh, that appetizer looks AMAZING! I want to hop in the car, drive 3 hours, and eat it immediately. Only I'm pretty sure they're closed.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time and a great place. However, looking at your outdoor pictures, I have one question. What happened to all your snow?

The Girl said...