Monday, June 15, 2009

A Mini Interview!

How fun to have a little interview with one of my favorite bloggers, over at Slice of Pink. Thanks, Janet, for including me!

Thank goodness these five questions are easy to answer!

1. How will you celebrate summer?
The celebration has already begun and will continue in the form of lake days, bar-b-ques, outdoor concerts and tailgates, brightly colored toenails, tennis matches, and lots and lots of ice cream and gelato. My favorite season ever!

2. Which celebrity do you find deeply fascinating?
This is one of those questions that won't always receive the same answer. And my response today is . . Lil' Wayne. I'm completely serious. He's a gangsta, and a rapper, and he claims to BE music. Watch his interview with Katie Couric and try not to become a little fascinated yourself. Sure, there are plenty of rappers out there, but this guy does have some serious talent to go with his serious attitude. I don't know what it is, but I find him extremely interesting, and a little frightening.

3. Reagan had bowls full of jelly beans; Obama, M&Ms. If you were elected President, what would the official White House candy be?
Hot Tamales, hands down.

4. Describe a perfect Saturday.
Of course boating and water-skiing always makes for a pretty perfect Saturday, but let's pretend that isn't an option . . . Not wanting to waste a minute, I would wake up bright and early and go for a run along the Potomac to the National Mall. After a nice long shower, I'd put on a comfortable dress and head to Georgetown for a yummy brunch and a little sale shopping (which, believe me, I never let myself do).
I'd stop by a farmer's market and pick up some pretty flowers for the week, too. Then I might pick a neighborhood and go exploring, take some pictures, wander into some shops, and eat some ice cream (all with a good friend tagging along). The day would end at an outdoor party with a big group of friends, grilled food, good music, and lots of laughs. I think that sounds pretty perfect.

5. What was your favorite childhood toy?
My Barbies, for sure. I would play with them for hours all by myself. Although I was a social child, I loved playing Barbies alone. It was where my imagination could go anywhere it wanted. I created my own little soap opera with my many dolls, never changing their names or their outfits, just continuing to make up stories about their lives. I knew their history, the breed of dog they owned, the car they drove, and sometimes even their favorite food. I created my own little world there under the steps . . and this is why my mother is not allowed to ever give them away! :)


k said...

mmm, hot tameles. yum!

Slice of Pink said...

Oh, I miss breakfast and sale shopping in Georgetown!

my life is brilliant said...

Your perfect Saturday sounds pretty dang perfect. I'd definitely be a great person to tag along for the whole day!