Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

birth day

I've just returned from a full day, but I can't head to bed without acknowledging the fact that it's FATHER'S DAY, because I have such a great dad! I'm so thankful that I know my dad, he and I have a special bond, and he has always made me feel loved and provided for.

I asked my mom to send along a few old photos of us, and I love what she found.

lake ventura - summer 81

In only two weeks, I will be at the lake with Dad, as we share our love of the water and skiing on one. I can't wait! Get the boat ready, Dad!

night-night hugs and nose rubs

One of my favorite first memories of dad are our goodnight hugs and nose rubs. He's always been a very good hugger, and couch cuddler.

I love you, Dad!


Anonymous said...

L you are so sweet!! What great pics. I wondered why your Mom had your album out, now I know why. And yes, I remember and miss those times I would tuck you in and rub noses. You were my little "median" (comedian) Well this week I need to get the boat out so when you get here we can do some serious slaloming. Thanks for the sweet tribute and the sweet card you sent me.
I love you too

Slice of Pink said...

LOVING the retro photos! Awesome.