Thursday, June 18, 2009

Country Concert #2

Oh George, the country music artist of the decade, the honky-tonking "King of Country"; I just can't get enough.

This past weekend, George Strait was performing at an outdoor amphitheater, along with Julianne Hough and Blake Shelton. Our gang of thirteen filled up our cars with food, drinks, chairs, and cornhole and began tailgating a few hours before the concert. One of my favorite things about these tailgates has been watching two different groups of my friends get to know and enjoy each other. To see the boating boys give hugs and joke around with my other friends just makes me so happy!

Upon arriving, we poured our favorite beer . .

no bottles allowed

. . fired up the grill for burgers and dogs . . usually we have paper plates to serve them on . .

. . pulled out the cornhole . .

That is, until the fun police came by and shut us down. Apparently cornhole is not allowed in these parking lots because either a) people could trip over it, b) beanbags could hit cars, c) it's considered a drinking game (anyone will tell you this isn't true). All reasons have been given us by these men in yellow at various times (as in, they obviously don't have a specific reason for not allowing it), which is why we have a hard time obeying this silly rule. But we do . . until they walk away.

Once the concert had begun, the storm clouds started rolling in . .

But we ignored them and continued to dance away . .

We even snuck up to the back row from our blankets on the lawn. Of course, a security guard promptly asked me to move.

George Strait!

We saw some real characters on the lawn, as well. My favorite was this couple, both carrying some chew in their back pockets, as they dipped and spit together. The Confederate flag is seen all over in Virginia . . out in the country, that is.

I enjoyed my extra large can of Miller Lite and some delicious french fries.

And I didn't even mind when the rain came down.

I actually like wavy rain hair.

wavy rain hair

And I can't wait for the next concert, only one week away!


pinksundrops said...

I noticed that beer can in your facebook photos!! But then I thought it wasn't open. When did you start drinking alcohol?? Or am I not remembering correctly?!

Love your pictures!! Tailgating looks like a blast!

my life is brilliant said...

How fun! One of the artists you named is from my hometown. He gets his deer processed at my dad's store every year. He graduated from my high school (a few years before me, obviously). He opened for Little Texas at the first concert I ever went to (in the 6th grade). He sang at some baby beauty pageant my mom entered me in when I was a toddler.

We never thought he'd make it, and then he came out with this little song called "Austin." Crazy ...