Friday, August 17, 2007

Over Halfway to Fifty

Once again, pleasantly surprised on my birthday. I want to give a shout out to all the Facebook commenters. Thanks for reading your sidebar yesterday and taking the time to click on my name and wish me a happy birthday. Seriously. Reading comments is much more fun than working.

My first birthday wish was a text from Cousin Joy, whose 22nd birthday happens to be today. We used to celebrate our birthdays together, and I wish this year could’ve been the same. There would have been a lot more chocolate involved, that’s for sure.

My old bedroommate and birthday-sharer, EB, gave me a call bright and early and we wished each other a “Happy Best Day of the Year”.

I had a big lunch with two co-worker friends at the Daily Grill. Chicken parmesan and cheesecake in strawberry sauce. It was a gazillion times tastier than it sounds. And it was free which makes it even more delicious and enjoyable.

Birthday calls from people I love and two boys I don’t like like that. This is when the “I’m working” excuse comes in real handy.

I received one gift in the mail from Anonymous. Two bouquets of irises. The note read “Hope you have a Happy Birthday!!!” Thank you Whoever You Are. I can probably count on one and half hands the number of times I’ve been given flowers, so I was pretty delighted. I’ll be lucky if I can keep them alive for a week, but I’ll do my very best. I carefully followed steps 1-4 on the plant food package so I think I’m off to a good start.

All three of my roommates left cards on my pillow. One with a gift certificate to my favorite Mediterranean mezze place. Lyn, the newest roomie, told me the last two weeks have been better than the previous nine months for her. I think hearing that was better than the gift certificate. Words better than food. Never thought I’d say that.

Not only did Lyn give me a hilarious card with nice words, she made me a crepe cake! Layers of crepes with nutella and cream sandwiched between each one. She is awesome!

I went to dinner with five girlfriends, the old Bible study girls. A couple I hadn’t seen all summer due to traveling and crazy work schedules. We sat on the deck of Indigo Landing, right on the Potomac next to the marina. The food was Southern-ish, but pretty random. I ordered the roasted chicken and asparagus with a pimento cheese fondue-stuffed charlotte. Don’t even pretend like you know what that is. I didn’t. I’ve found that if I’ve no idea what I’m ordering, it’s bound to be delicious. And it was just as pretty as it was tasty. My dessert was the banana pudding. And it was actually done right – with fresh bananas and warm meringue on top!

My friends are so cute. Bruin Girl asked me tons of questions about my birth story and favorite birthday memories growing up. And Kentucky gave me an adorable polka dot umbrella from Crate and Barrel. Apparently the host thought they were cute, too. When I arrived, he asked me if we were all models. Have you ever seen a model that was 5 foot 2?

I haven’t, but I know a girl that height that had a really nice birthday yesterday.


k said...

happy birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tell us your favorite birthday memory. That would be fun to hear about. It will be interesting to see if you find out who sent you the flowers.

Heather said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

my life is brilliant said...

I love birthdays! Glad yours went so well AND that it was filled with such sweet times, sweet flowers and sweet food!