Thursday, August 02, 2007


on the new couch

She's gone. No more cheery "Good morning!" when I open my eyes at 7am. No more "Sleep well" when I'm tucked into bed. No more 'bunk talk'. No more animated stories that I never know how to respond to because I can't reciprocate her enthusiasm. No more trying to convince her to break her routine . . to stay up a little later, to eat two ice cream cones in one day, to go for a walk instead of doing laundry. No more EB. I went to her going-away cookout this week, and we had a roommate dinner at Lost D0g hours before she left.

The good news is that she won't be in Boston for law school anymore. She's been accepted at Duke! It's much closer. It's drivable. And . . it's Duke! I've always wanted to visit. Too bad being a student doesn't make basketball tickets any more attainable.

Other good news is that her closet is about 2 square feet larger than mine so I'm moving in! Seniority you know. My new roommate, Lyn, moves in on Saturday. It's crazy that I went from having zero options to three options in a matter of days. God more than provides.


my life is brilliant said...

Too bad you already found a roommate. You could've moved to Dallas and lived with me! :) lol

Stacey said...

So happy you found a roommate.
And, wow! Duke!! That's awesome!