Tuesday, August 28, 2007

mommy visit

Mom was just here for five days. And she was probably ready to go after several nights on the air mattress and me force-feeding her expensive food, or rather forcing her to pay for it. Not to mention the fact that I nearly got us dehydrated because of my brilliant idea to take the scenic route on our walk. Five to six miles in 95 degree weather with 75 percent humidity, no water, no money, no cell phone. It was only at the halfway mark that our tongues were hanging out of our mouths and we collapsed under the shade of a tree, our hearts pounding and our heads slightly spinning. I had failed to mention to her just how long the scenic route was. It was my stealth attempt at getting us some exercise. It was also the first time I walked into an ice cream shop and only asked for water. We finally hailed a cab, and I ran upstairs for money when he dropped us off. Another one of those times where I just want to look at myself in the mirror and say . . “Idiot!”

Other than eating and nearly dying, we spent some time cooking, baking and shopping. I finally replaced the Citizens that were stolen from my laundry room months ago! And if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that it has to be a sin to spend that much on a pair of jeans. But what a sweet sin it is. Thanks Mom!

Sunday was Cousin J’s 35th birthday. Back in Nebraska, our families would celebrate the four August birthdays together each year. Cousin J, Cousin Joy, Dad, and me. (In fact, two years ago I wrote about J being in town to celebrate here.) Grandma would make angel food cake with homemade frosting every time. So in order to bring a little home to J on his birthday, Mom and I made the cake with frosting for him. The smile on his face was priceless. He even asked if he could keep the rest of the cake after we’d each had a piece with our Haagen-Dazs. He and his wife, K, gave me my belated gift – a cute little Longchamp pouch, perfect for make-up and other things I don’t want floating around in my purse. It was a fun night just being with them, eating cheeseburgers and corn & couscous, playing with Walker, and holding the baby.

I was sad to see mom go, but I hope she enjoyed her time here, finally seeing where I live, seeing where I work, meeting several of my friends and . . even eating at my favorite restaurants. 

Next up is Dad, since I wouldn’t allow him to come along with Mom. After all, two visits are better than one!


Jenni Lynn said...

time with mom is great even if it is spent walking miles in horrible humidity, now you have a memory!

Heather said...

Your mom is so pretty. Now I know where you get it from. Glad you had a good visit!