Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving #2

Thanksgiving couldn't have been better. I slept in until 10ish and slowly got ready for the day. Headed out to Uptown Grandma's around 1 o'clock to have dinner with family. This year, there were only 13 of us (17 when my brother came), but it was nice. Of course, many laughs around the table, as always. Between Dad, Cousin! Ty, and Uncle Steve, most things said are humorous. I love my family. This year, the dish-washing duties were assigned to us "kids": Joy, Emily, Annie, & I. (My sister is celebrating Thanksgiving with friends in TN). Even though it was our job, we were given specific instructions as to how to wash them and "be careful not to chip them because they're Amy's plates". (This means my aunt inherits them when Grandma passes away. . . . I have dibs on her library and her entire "Snowy Vilage".)

The girls and I sat around and chatted for awhile after cleaning up and braved the cold without coats so we could get some pics down on the beach. Sorry . . it was my idea to go with no coats.

In the evening, Grandma pulled out her new domino game, Spinner (basically like Mexican Train with some wild dominoes). The only problem was that Grandma couldn't decide what the rules were exactly. . . She kept changing her mind. It was funny more than anything. We had yummy pies and cheesecake for dessert . . . to be honest, though, I'm not a big fan of either and was a little disappointed there was nothing really chocolate-y. The night ended with one of my favorite movies, "How to Lose a Guy . .".

I'm at work right now. It was my choice to come in, because this means I get another floating holiday. And, if I'm going to take a day off, I'd like to actually feel like I'm on vacation . . . like, leave the state or something. I have the pre-game show on for the NE vs. CU game and it's about time for kick-off.

Tonight I plan to clean my room . . . how often have I said that? Why can't it just stay clean?? I'm so unorganized right now. I know I have a bill to pay, but I don't even know where it is!

I almost forgot that I wanted to list a few things that I'm thankful for this year:
- my new sister-in-law who is very sweet and who I am growing to love despite the fact that she has the worst fashion sense I have ever before witnessed in my life and the fact that I'm really afraid she is one day going to rot my niece and nephew's teeth out by giving them lots and lots of sugar and candy, since she is clearly addicted to it . . (I'm thankful I only have to worry about superficial things like this)
- my new nephew and niece who I hope to spoil and love to pieces, since I can't very well pick them up and put them in my pocket
- the Lord's healing and restoration of my heart that I was beginning to think wasn't possible, but now I am 100% whole and so ready for what He has next
- my job that may not be the perfect fit for me - in fact, far from it, but has been a great way to step into the real world and more than provides for my needs
- my relationship with my family, because even though they annoy the living crap out of me at times, I love them and have a special relationship with each of them
- my singleness, because I know that it has purpose and instead of feeling lonely, pathetic, old, and left out, I am thoroughly enjoying myself
- the opportunity to be involved in Fresh Start and to witness, firsthand, the healing of more hearts!!!

I better stop now!


Genius said...

Too bad Nebraska kicked our (CU's)butt :( Alas, I knew our winning streak against Neb couldn't go on for much longer! Sounds like you had a gread holiday!

Genius said...


Prep Grad 01 said...

Hey Genius...Winning streak? CU won last year...thats it! Last time in Boulder, NU won. Typical Buff fan... (Dont get mad and throw a bottle at me)

k said...

I have the same problem with my room, no my whole apartment. I feel like I am always cleaning yet it is never clean. I swear little elves come out at night and make messes while I am sleeping! Maybe they visit your room too.