Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I Got a Kick

I don't know what Billie & Ella were singing about when they said,
"I get no kick in a plane
Flying too high with some guy in the sky
Is my idea of nothing to do"

It was so much fun! When I first opened the door of the plane, I thought I was going to have to sit in his lap. Unfortunately (just kidding :) I didn't have to. It wasn't scary at all. The whole ride was smooth, except for the times he intentionally made my heart skip a beat. . like when he had it stall (shut the engine off) and it went up and then down really fast, like a roller coaster. I loved it! We flew over college football practice where some of his friends still play and he "waved" with the wings moving back and forth. Most importantly I wanted to fly over Uptown Grandma's lake. She has a big picture of the island from above in her downstairs hallway. Dad told me that the first time Grandpa bought a plane, Dad was on the beach and Grandpa flew really low over the lake right in front of him, and that's the first time Dad saw the new plane. One reason the lake is so special to me is because Grandpa was one of the developers and he built many of the first homes on that island.

My friend said he'll take me again whenever I want to go. And I definitely want to go again!
I almost forgot to mention that he let me fly!
But we climbed 200 ft and then he took over again. I felt really safe with him flying and I could tell he knows what he's doing. I told him that getting his pilot's license was definitely cooler than being able to drink 4 beers in a minute and a half. . . Definitely! (I witnessed that, by the way . . and again I say . . definitely.)

I'll post one more picture of us with the Cessna.


anne said...

i would have to agree that pilot's liscence (oh my goodness I totally spelled those wrong) is better than 4 beers in one minute.
How fun! I am glad you did something exciting today!

Sarah said...

That looks amazing! Tony wants to be a pilot for a career, how fun! It must be amazing just able to fly whenever you want to!

Could I possibly interview you for my dissertation? Email me at the_edit_room@hotmail.com if this is possible. Thanks.

jes said...

dude. how much fun is that?!? so jealous. and you look so cute!

will he take you skydiving? ;)

cady said...

man. that sounds like so much fun!

girl from florida said...

That looks so awesome! My dad flies little planes too, it's so neat. He used to terrify my mom by going over our house and doing flips and such.