Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Process

Last night, I was chatting with a good friend of mine and we were discussing how we've been a bit discouraged and less motivated to seek the Lord on a consistent basis. We've been tempted to compare ourselves to others, perhaps, and thought, "I'll never be 'there'". Speaking for myself, I've been distracted by lesser things. Not even bad things, but things that don't press me to the Lord. Things that I do instead of spending time with Him. Things that may be good and fun, but they don't satisfy like He does; they don't touch my heart like He does.

So this post is for you, Friend (you know who you are). . . and for anyone else it may speak to.

Uncle Steve said some things last night that really got my attention (he's said them before, but they just got my attention this time):

“Make your end the process.”

“There’s always more with the Lord.”

It just made me think that if I have this place I want to be with the Lord, this place I want to be in my walk with Him, I’m never going to be there; I’ll never be satisfied with where I am. I’m never going to reach that end. But if I make my end the process, then I’ll be encouraged to keep going and pressing through when I don’t feel like it, or when my heart isn't in the condition I'd like it to be, or when I still feel so spiritually immature. I’ll always be looking and anticipating more, because there is always more with the Lord. It’s neverending. But if I don’t continue in the process, I’m not allowing him to give me more. I want to stay in the flow and not step out of it. I know that whatever life may bring, the Lord will be with me through the process. He'll be there in the dry times just as much as in the times when I feel saturated in His presence. If I seek Him, He'll keep transforming me and growing me up in Him, even when I can't see how or I ask why at times.

So bring on the process 'cause I'm stepping back into the flow.


jes said...

Laura: Reading this entry was like reading my own heart. The words you wrote could have so easily been on my tongue, in my mind, in my journal, on my blog. I'm right there with you, in this process.

Anonymous said...

Trust in the lord with all your heart, and with all your might...

Sarah said...

that was a lovely post. very heartfelt. don't forget to look around while you're in the process and enjoy everything that God is doing around you at the time. God makes the process/journey so exciting, just imagine how great it'll be when we get to the end!

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