Sunday, November 06, 2005

Polish Horseshoes & Fireworks

What a great weekend! Friday night I planned to go home and clean, but Uptown Grandma (as I'll refer to her, while my other grandma is Farmtown Grandma) called and asked if I'd like to have dinner and see a movie. She and I are quite close, so I was happy to be able to spend time with her. We ate Mexican at SanAnna's and went to see "Dreamer" which was such a good movie that I think I'd actually buy it. Yes, it was a heartwarming, wholesome movie. You know if Uptown Grandma liked it that it's safe for the whole family. After the movie, she asked me to stay the night with her, so I stayed in one of the guest rooms and we went to breakfast the next morning. Saturday, my family was in Kansas, so I had the house to myself. I decided to speak my mom's love language (as in, do something that makes her feel loved and appreciated) by cleaning the house (at least, parts of it). When I got to my room, it would be an understatement to say I was overwhelmed. I don't like to just tidy my room; I want it to be immaculate, which rarely ever happens. I did, however, move all my summer tops to the upper closet rod and my winter/fall to the bottom *tear*, so I no longer have to use a step stool to reach them. I pulled out all my sweaters and folded them neatly on my shelves. I realized that I own 20 sweaters, which felt like a sin, but not enough to get rid of any of them. Whenever I feel guilty about my closet, I just remember Uptown Grandma's many closets full of clothing and I don't feel nearly as bad.

I listened to the game on the radio while cleaning, and it was painful. That's all I'll say about that.

S invited me to see a matinee, and I was excited about the discount price, but it only ended up being the same price as a student ticket. Every little bit helps, though. Except for all the sex (and there was a whole lotta sex), I liked the movie. It was better than I expected it to be, actually. For one thing, I couldn't wait to see what she would be wearing in the next scene. Her character was just cute, I thought - personality and everything. S & I were near tears at the end. Why is it that love just isn't enough??!! Relationships have to be based on so much more than that. It sucks! Anyway, I won't say the title of the movie. . that way I won't ruin it for anyone. There are so many movies I want to see right now. I heard "Jarhead" was just horrible; BF walked out . . but that wasn't really on my list of must-sees anyway. I did hear that "An Unfinished Life" was good.

Anyway, my plan on Saturday night was to be in bed by 10. . or 11. Yeah right. Tommy was having a few people over, so I called D and he came along with S & I. We played polish horseshoes, which was fun as always, except for the freezing cold which made it impossible for me to catch the frisbee - ouch! Tommy actually has gloves he plays with! He looks so intense in this picture! Check out the jacket, too! Reminds me of something "Shaft" would wear -hehe.

Sunday, in celebration of L's 28th b-day, I went with AMC to her parents' acreage over in Iowa to celebrate with her friends and family. The food was "delish" . . so much of it. M brought her famous cheesecake again - I think it was butter toffee this time. L had wanted fireworks for her birthday, so her hubby picked some up in Missouri last month and we had a fireworks show after dark. How fun!

We took some pics outside, but sadly, everything seems pretty colorless already.


k said...

Can I guess the movie??

Prime, maybe?

L said...

You're right K! Did you see it? Did you like it?

k said...

Haven't seen it but curious to hear if it was good.