Friday, November 04, 2005

100 Things About Me

1. I am the oldest of 3 (brother -21, sister -18).

2. I am the most high-maintenance member of my family.

3. I sucked my thumb and slept with a blanket until I was 10, and I only stopped because I "lost" my blanket. (Thanks, Mom).

4. As a result of thumb-sucking, I've had braces twice.

5. I felt very self-conscious and ugly throughout junior high and high school, until my senior year.

6. I was outgoing throughout elementary.

7. I have no self-control when it comes to Cold Stone.

8. As much as I love eating out, I'd rather eat a home-cooked meal.

9. I'm only allergic to ragweed and can get bad hay fever in the Fall.

10. I had a lazy eye that turned in when I was 2 and I wore glasses and an eye patch.

11. I had two surgeries to correct it at ages 3 and 10, but I still wear contacts and glasses and my eye still turns in when I get tired.

12. I'm exactly half right-brain, half left-brain. (Basically half my Mom, half my Dad.)

13. I wish I was more thoughtful.

14. I gave my life to the Lord at age 11, fully understanding and wanting it to be a lifelong decision.

15. It was the best decision I ever made and will ever make.

16. One of my thumbs is shorter and fatter than the other.

17. My mom is one of my best friends.

18. My mom is one of the most selfless people I know.

19. I hate that I can be really selfish.

20. My first job was just before I turned 16 at a seasonal ice cream shop - yum! (I never learned how to make cones the Zesto way.)

21. Few things excite me as much as the word "Sale".

22. I played the piano for 8 years and wish I could still play well.

23. I played the trombone for 2 years and hated it. (Don't ask why I chose that instrument.)

24. My band teacher put me in the *select* bands. I thought he overestimated my talent and I quit.

25. I've tried playing several sports. Tennis and golf stuck.

26. I can't play competitive sports well. I psyche myself out.

27. I love playing sports for fun.

28. No one else in my immediate family likes sports. This has always disappointed me.

29. I majored in Speech Communication, but don't know what I really want to do.

30. My "first kiss" was when I cornered a boy in Kindergarten and kissed him on the nose.

31. I liked him for the next 7 years. (He's still a really nice, cute, smart guy.)
32. I don't agree with girls asking guys out.

33. I've done #32 once. (He said yes.) But, I shouldn't have.

34. I've only been in two relationships.

35. I was in love in one of them, but he didn't love the Lord, so I broke up with him, which was the hardest thing I've ever done.

36. I wanted to be in love in my other relationship, which lasted over three times as long as the first one. He wasn't in love with me, either.

37. I am loyal, sometimes to a fault.

38. My favorite season is summer because of the lake.

39. I know how much I paid for everything I own . . and I also know how much I 'saved'.

40. I hate losing touch with people.

41. I'm not capable of taking a shower in under ten minutes.

42. I only like Kraft macaroni and cheese with green peas mixed in.

43. I would love to have a full-body wax.

44. I'm only 100% dork around my sister.

45. Spelling and grammar errors drive me nuts.

46. I can't talk without using my hands and making facial expressions.

47. I don't usually like change, but I adapt well.

48. If I overanalyze, I can really overanalyze.

49. I'm very sentimental.

50. I'm emotional.

51. I wish I was less of both.

52. Fortunately, I'm not also very sensitive.

53. My sister is.

54. She and I don't have anything in common, but we get along. . finally.

55. People fascinate me.

56. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing God heal someone's heart and set them free.

57. I would be a mess without Him.

58. I've torn my ACL twice in the same knee in 2 years: snow-skiing and playing volleyball.

59. I didn't cry over it the first time, but I cried a LOT the second time.

60. I hate admitting #2, #49, & #50.

61. Barbies were my favorite childhood game (I only played alone). It was a huge creative outlet for me. (I basically created my own *wholesome* soap opera.)

62. I have an excellent immune system.

63. I can't ride in the car with my mom driving. I have to drive.

64. I wanted to be an architect when I was 12 and would draw floor plans on my small drafting board.

65. I can't eat bananas plain. I love them in ice cream and cereal and pie, though.

66. I could live on cereal. . especially Wheaties.

67. My love for clothing began with Limited Too and Gap Kids.

68. I'm not a cat lover, but I love my cat. And I loved my old cat (RIP).

69. I used to read 3-5 books at a time and once met my goal of 50 books in a year.

70. I miss reading that much.

71. My grandma's lake is my favorite place and I have made the most wonderful memories with friends and family there.

72. Moving out of state sounds fun and adventurous, but I'm not sure I could do it. I love being close to family and all things familiar.

73. I moved an hour away for college one year. Football games, a sorority, and a best friend weren't enough to keep me there.

74. The next 3 years of college, I lived with 3-4 girl friends in a big apartment nearly the size of my parents' house and had the time of my life :).

75. I have naturally blonde, wavy hair, which I used to hate, but now love.

76. I wish my chest was a cup-size bigger, but I'd rather be small than big, because I can get away with wearing more things without being revealing.

77. I used to have my nose pierced and wish I still did.

78. I prefer heels to flats, but sometimes feel too prissy wearing them.

79. I am 5'2". . . hence my heels preference.

80. I absolutely love surprises.

81. I hate pop (soda). Always have. In fact, I only drink water, milk, and a few mixed drinks.

82. It's easy for me to be content and optimistic.

83. I'm a firm believer that attitude is only 10% circumstance, 90% choice. (This doesn't mean I never have a bad attitude.)

84. I like my closet color-coordinated.

85. I have never been drunk.

86. I have been tipsy a few times, which was fun, but I felt stupid afterward.

87. I love the drink Sex on the Beach, but hate ordering it.

88. I hate missing out on anything.

89. I failed an Algebra class in college because I never went and missed a rescheduled test. I took it again and got a B.

90. Hearing people breathe is annoying and grosses me out. But coughing grosses me out more.

91. I think I have the most wonderful extended family anyone could ask for.

92. I hate talking on the phone. I love talking in person.

93. I took a dance class and now know several ballroom and latin dances.

94. I wish I had someone fun to dance with.

95. I don't love kids, but there are kids that I LOVE.

96. I don't have to travel to stay sane, but I love traveling.

97. I love organization, but I'm rarely organized.

98. My fave magazines are People, Real Simple, and Lucky.

99. My best friend and I like most of the same things, but have very different personalities.

100. I love my comfort zone . . but I love when I'm forced to step out of it.


k said...

I object! :) To #32 that is. I’m just curious why you think that. I can see your reasoning in the comment you left me this week regarding guys (btw he hasn’t called – grrr!), but why do you think the guy should have all the “power” to decide if and when a relationship should be pursued? I am far from a feminist, believe in chivalry, and hope to one day become a “domestic engineer” but if I want something I’m going to go for it and not wait around for some guy to make the first move. I think guys have proved many times that sometimes they can’t see a great thing even if it is staring them in the face. Sometimes they need some help… from us girls.

Do we have different perspectives due to our geographic differences? I don’t know anyone who was raised in the Midwest (Nebraska is considered Midwest right?) but most, if not all, of my east coast friends (and my new west coast friends too) have a similar take on the situation as me.

LindsayBlake said...

laura, i am going to do this on my blog. just wanted to tell you before... and i will give credit where credit is due :)

L said...

K - I've met a lot of people here in the Midwest who would object, as well. Though I can understand your point, (and boy, does it suck to feel like you have to just sit and wait), there are a few reasons I feel this way.
#1. I want to feel pursued, as I think every woman wants, but if I make the move, I can't TRULY feel that way. If I ask a guy out and he says yes, I'm going to feel like I had more interest than he did. I'm going to wonder, at least to an extent, if the feeling is really mutual. Whereas, if I let the guy pursue, I can then know that he is really into me and not just going along with something. I hate playing guessing games. I want to know someone's intentions. If I did the asking, maybe he'd just be going out with me because he thought I was hot and why not, instead of really wanting to get to know me. You know what I mean?
#2. Every guy I've talked to says that, though it feels flattering to have a girl pay them attention and ask them out (some are totally turned off by it), they really like to pursue a girl. They like the idea of finding someone they want to "chase" and "win over". And I'm all about being chased and won over. If a guy doesn't like me enough to pursue me, I don't want to feel like I have to pursue him and win him over. Seems backwards to me.

It's true that guys often can't see a great thing staring them in the face, but just because it's a great thing doesn't mean they want it to be THEIR great thing. You're a great thing and I'm a great thing, but we can't be a great thing to every cool, fun, cute guy we meet. At least, that's how I see it. :)

Genius said...

Hmmm, I can see both sides of #32, but me personally, I have never asked a guy out. I think it is the whole wanting to feel persued thing that laura was talking about, that, and I just could NEVER EVER get up the balls to do so. In general I'm not shy, but when it comes/came to guys and making moves I am definitely a prude!

Hmmm....maybe it is time that I do 100 things as well....

Sarah said...

We're so alike! I can't take a shower for less than 10mins either...I'm glad i'm not the only one!

And isn't loving God the best!

anne said...

I am from the west coast--I want to be pursued. I don't the geography has anything to do with it. Although, now living in the Midwest, I know the differences in cultures. But here I am to say...Being pursued is the best way!

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