Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tired of Travel

Is it possible to get tired of traveling and seeing new things? I never thought it would happen! But after ten days of running around Los Angeles and San Francisco, I am ready to go home! Only I can't. I'm in Vancouver for work until Friday. It's a lovely city with a lot to see, yet somehow I don't care . . as much as I normally would. I did force myself to go for a walk and a mini-ferry ride to an island, though. I predict that I'll be locked up in this hotel for the next two days trying not to fall asleep through technical discussions and talking points. There should be fancy dinners at night, though. But wait, I've already spent so much money (including my work per diems) that I don't even care about that anymore. And I know I've been consuming crazy amounts of calories! I wonder if I'll have enough willpower to grab a Subway sandwich and stay in for dinner. I didn't tonight. We all went out for Indian food at an already-tried restaurant. It was the best Indian food I've ever had! Wow! I've had some great Indian food before, but this was just different, giving me new flavors I'd never tried before. But I winced when I got the check. I'm tired of spending money, tired of traveling. I can't wait to go home!


k said...

next time you'll have to start in vancouver and move south so you can fully enjoy all that is vancouver. i LOVE that city!

cady said...

i love traveling, but after so long i get tired too and look forward to going home. traveling is a lot of fun, but it's also so exhausting. i've had so much fun reading about all the places you've been on this trip though. i bet you've had a blast!

Heather said...

Love love love Indian food!!!