Friday, October 31, 2008

Just Tampax

When I realized I needed tampons today, I took a brisk walk right over the hotel's little convenience shop hoping desperately that they'd have some. Sure enough, there was a little ten-pack hiding in the corner. But when I turned to the checkout counter, I saw that a man would be checking me out. Suddenly I couldn't buy only a box of tampons. I may as well have walked right up to him and said "I just started my period today!" So I looked around to see what else I could buy. Advil? Yes, I happened to be in a little *ahem* pain, as well. Gum? I could always use some of that. So I took the three items and placed them on the counter, hoping he wouldn't notice the tampons.

"That will be $24.95," he said.

"What?! But I only have a $10 Canadian bill. Umm, take out the Advil then."

"Ok, $15.34."

"Seriously?! Fine, then . . take out the gum. How much now?"

"Eight ninety-nine."

"Ok . . *sigh* . .then I'll just take those."

At least I tried.


Brett G said...

Holy crap girl! Were you buying a 3 month supply of gum or what? $6.35 for a pack of gum? Was it Magical Canadian Socialist gum or something like that? Six bucks for gum! That is what you should be complaining about. Haha.

Something else that's funny to buy all by itself though is a pregnancy test. It's best that if you are going to have to buy it, just go to the store wearing a dirty wife beater shirt and grease stained pants (both of which I'm sure you own).

pinksundrops said...

hahahaha!!! I figure it's good training if they have or are going to have a girlfriend. My face does always flush the teensiest bit red tho.

Jenni Lynn said...

lol! that is hilarious and expensive!

Alyssa Turner said...

this little story cracked me up!

my life is brilliant said...

Too funny!

One time I was at the store, and I noticed some guy was checking me out as I was headed over to buy my little supplies. For some reason (I was feeling sassy, I guess), I looked right at him, flipped my hair, and confidently grabbed the 40 pack.

It was awesome.