Monday, October 06, 2008

Days of my Life

Sometimes I stop and just look around at this life I'm able to experience. I'm so thankful for it, every day of it, knowing God has me here for a purpose, and He's equipped me to do His will. I'm surrounded by people (at work specifically) who don't share my world view. At all. And I know it's no mistake. Although I sometimes miss being surrounded by at least a few like-minded people. :)

Today I found myself on the top floor of the S.tate Department building in an Un.der Se.cretary's office having cocktails, looking out at the Lin.coln Memorial, right there, just a couple of blocks away. I watched as three P.residential helicopters came in for a landing right down the street at the Wh.ite House. We toasted to a newly-titled Am.bassador, appointed by the Pr.esident. And this reception was after a ceremony led by Se.cretary Rice giving a Disti.nguished Service award to General P.etraus.

What a cool day.

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my life is brilliant said...

Wow. What a cool day indeed! Such neat experience -- and it's part of your JOB!